WikiPlugin to easily create new pages, optionally with default content. Since v1.3.8

This allows you to create a page geting the new pagename from a forms-based interface, and optionally with the initial content from some template.

Put a "<?plugin-form CreatePage ?>" at some page, browse this page, enter the name of the page to create, then click the button.


     <?plugin-form CreatePage ?>
     <?plugin-form CreatePage template=CategoryHomePage ?>
     <?plugin-form CreatePage template=SomeTemplatePage vars="year=2004&name=None" ?>

Plugin Arguments

s: The pagename, which will passed to the plugin. Default: ""
initial_content: The new page will be pre-filled with this content. Default: ""
template: The new page will be pre-filled with the content of this page. Default: ""
vars: variables to be expanded. Default: ""
overwrite: Whether to overwrite an existing page. Default: ""

Known Problems


Variable Expansion

The content (either initial_content or template) might hold some variables, which will be expanded on creation. Unassigned variables will stay as %%<var>%%, assigned variables without matching %%<var>%% placeholder will be ignored, without any warning.

A variable in a template is denoted as %%var%%, which will be expanded by the value of var given to the vars argument (in urlencoded php notation).

Some special variables are automatically assigned:

%%ctime%% $WikiTheme?->formatDateTime(time())
%%author%% $user->getId()

This forms together with page templates and the PhpWiki:WikiFormRichPlugin and optionally the PhpWiki:SqlResultPlugin a framework to create templated pages.


Dan Frankowski, Reini Urban


See also PhpWiki:EasilyCreateNewPages, PhpWiki:WikiFormRichPlugin, PhpWiki:SqlResultPlugin

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