This page is about the first days if the WaC Toolkit project.

The WaC Toolkit was developed for Lexical Computing Ltd. (LCL) by Ramon Ziai? and Niels Ott, two students from Tübingen University, during their internship at the company. They both first met Adam Kilgarriff? from LCL when he was teaching a block course at Tübingen University.

The project was started on a kick off meeting that took place around the Corpus Linguistics 2005 in Bermingham at which all three were present.

The original aim of the project was to produce a corpus that can be used in lexicography. This aim was achieved after some weeks of work the two students did in their office in Tübingen at the linguistics department. After the corpus had been finished, LCL decided to make the toolkit freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This web site intends to make the benefits of the WaC Toolkit available for everyone out there. For the future, minor improvements, bug fixes and maybe new features shall be included.

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