1.3.11p1 Sep, 18 2005, Reini Urban:



1.3.11 Sep, 11 2005, Reini Urban, Joel Uckelman:

Lots of bugfixes, and some feature and performance enhancements. A new EDIT_TOOLBAR from mediawiki, more page permission enhancements, reduced memory usage for pagelists which need no page content, related improvement for OldMarkup? crashes because of PCRE memory exhaustion.
New <!plugin-list !> syntax and PhpWiki:PageListLibrary args.
Because of SQL changes you'd need to ?action=upgrade to update for SQL.




PhpWiki 1.2.11:

PhpWiki 1.2.10:

PhpWiki 1.2.9 bugfix:

1.2.8 (the old-stable branch) Jan, 30 2005, Reini Urban:

1.2.7 (the old-stable branch) Jan, 6 2005, Reini Urban: PhpWiki 1.2.7 backport cvs release-1_2-branch enhancements never released with 1.2.3-1.2.6:

1.2.6 (the old-stable branch) Dec, 19 2004, Reini Urban:

flatfile fixes and enhancement:

1.2.5 (the old-stable branch) Nov, 28 2004, Reini Urban:

1.3.10 May, 13 2004, Reini Urban, Joby Walker:

In short: paging support, adodb rewrite, permission problem fixed.




1.3.9-p1 May,5 2004, Reini Urban:

Bugfix patch for the following 1.3.9 problems:

1.2.4 (the old-stable version) May, 4 2004, Reini Urban:

1.2.3 (the old-stable version) Apr, 29 2004, Reini Urban:

1.3.9 Apr, 12 2004, Reini Urban:

Bugfix release for the following 1.3.8 problems:

1.3.8 Jan-Apr 2004, Reini Urban:

External plugable authentification, DB prefs and sessions, some more fixes, docs, themes and plugins.

1.3.4 until 1.3.7, 2002-2003 Jeff, Carsten and Steve Wainstead:

1.3.3 early 2002, Jeff strikes back, with the help of Carsten Klapp:

1.3.2 early 2002, Reini Urban strikes:

.... a small hole here .... (three years no detailed HISTORY. see the outline above)

Jeffs Hacks.

PhpWiki 1.3.x development branch.

PhpWiki 1.2 is a huge advance over version 1.0:

PhpWiki 1.1.9 includes Spanish language pages, a full implementation for Postgresql, numerous bug fixes and more. See the HISTORY file for more info:

PhpWiki 1.1.6 is a major revision of PhpWiki. The ability to have themes (via an easy-to-edit template system) has been added; the schema for MySQL has been completely overhauled, breaking the page details into columns (for efficiency we agreed not to put references in a separate table, so it's not completely normalized. "Don't let the best be the enemy of the good.")

Postgresql support has been added and the markup language is evolving, now allowing




tags and a new way to make text bold, and of course the new linking scheme?.

There is a new feature on all pages called more info that gives you a low level detailed view of a page, which is probably more useful for debugging than anything.

As we move towards a 1.2 release we will be adding logging, top ten most active pages and other new features with the new database schema (and yes, these features will make it into the DBM version too). I also want to add mSQL support and test it under Zend, the new PHP4.

Below are the release notes for version 1.03, the last release of the 1.0 PhpWiki series. --Steve Wainstead,

PhpWiki was written because I am so interested in WikiWikiWebs, and I haven't used PHP since version 2.0. I wanted to see how it had advanced.

Version 1.0 is a near-perfect clone of the Portland Pattern Repository, In truth, I was using the Wiki script you can download from there as a model; that Wiki lacks a number of features the PPR has, like EditCopy?. So in truth PhpWiki is a kind of hybrid of the PPR and the generic Wiki you can get from there (which is written in Perl).

The one caveat of PhpWiki is the allowance of HTML if the line is preceded by a bar (or pipe, which is how I usually say it). (That's a '|'). It was very simple to add, and the idea came from a posting somewhere on the PPR about how AT&T had an internal Wiki clone and used the same technique. The ability to embed HTML is disabled by default for security reasons.

Version 1.01 includes a patch that fixes a small error with rendering <hr> lines. Thanks to Gerry Barksdale.

See the HISTORY file for a rundown on the whole development process if that sort of thing really interests you :-)



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