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Without having the possibility to checkout and fork with a commit history, you can simply download a copy of the last revision (r55) directly as a tar.gz file.

Getting the Latest Changes

If you are interested in the very latest things that happend in development, just make use of our Subversion (SVN) repository.

Browser Access

Just click here:

Downloading and Running It

To download and run the most recent development version of WaC Tk, you need to install Subversion on your computer. Check the Subversion site in case you need more information.

Once you have Subversion available, just enter the following command to get the latest files from the repository:

svn checkout wac-tk

In case you want to perform updates later on, just change to the directory that emerged from the download above and enter this command:

svn update

Feel free to make suggestions but keep in mind that what you got from the repository is not stable or ready to constitute a release.

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