The SystemInfoPlugin provides access to lower level system information for the platform PhpWiki is installed on.

 Usage:  <?plugin SystemInfo all ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo pagestats cachestats discspace hitstats ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo version ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo current_theme ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo PHPWIKI_DIR ?>


Application name: PhpWiki
PhpWiki engine version: 1.3.11p1
Database: db type: dba, dba handler: gdbm, timeout: 5
Cache statistics: cached pagedata: 2, cached versiondata: 3
Page statistics: 3007 pages, 417 not-empty pages
User statistics: 0 homepages
Hit statistics: total hits: 313482, max: 128822, mean: 751.755, median: 0, stddev: 27.451; 414 pages with less than 12882 hits (<10%). 1 page(s) with more than 115939 hits (>90%).
Expiry parameters: Keep up to 100 major edits, but keep them no longer than 1000 days. Keep up to 100 minor edits, but keep them no longer than 1000 days. Keep the latest contributions of the last 100 authors up to 1000 days. Additionally, try to keep the latest contributions of all authors in the last 1000 days (even if there are more than 100 of them,) but in no case keep more than 100 unique author revisions.
Wikiname regexp: (?<![[:alnum:]])(?:[[:upper:]][[:lower:]]+){2,}(?![[:alnum:]])
Allowed protocols: http https mailto ftp news nntp ssh gopher
Inline images: png jpg gif
Available plugins: Total 104 plugins: AllPages, AllUsers, AnalyseAccessLogSql, AppendText, AsciiMath, AuthorHistory, BackLinks, CacheTest, CategoryPage, CreatePage, CreateToc, DeadEndPages, Diff, EditMetaData, ExternalSearch, FoafViewer, FrameInclude, FullTextSearch, FuzzyPages, GoogleMaps, GooglePlugin, GoTo, GraphViz, HelloWorld, HtmlConverter, Imdb, IncludePage, IncludePages, IncludeSiteMap, InterWikiSearch, JabberPresence, LdapSearch, LikePages, LinkDatabase, ListPages, ListSubpages, ModeratedPage, MostPopular, NoCache, OldStyleTable, OrphanedPages, PageDump, PageGroup, PageHistory, PageInfo, PageTrail, PhotoAlbum, PhpHighlight, PhpWeather, Ploticus, PluginManager, PopularNearby, PopUp, PrevNext, RandomPage, RateIt, RawHtml, RdfDefinition, RecentChanges, RecentChangesCached, RecentEdits, RecentReferrers, RedirectTo, RelatedChanges, RichTable, RssFeed, SearchHighlight, SiteMap, SqlResult, SyntaxHighlighter, SystemInfo, Template, TeX2png, text2png, TexToPng, TitleSearch, Transclude, TranslateText, UnfoldSubpages, UpLoad, UserPreferences, UserRatings, VisualWiki, WantedPages, WantedPagesOld, WhoIsOnline, WikiAdminChmod, WikiAdminChown, WikiAdminMarkup, WikiAdminRemove, WikiAdminRename, WikiAdminSearchReplace, WikiAdminSelect, WikiAdminSetAcl, WikiAdminUtils, WikiForm, WikiFormRich, WikiForum, WikiPoll, _AuthInfo, _BackendInfo, _GroupInfo, _PreferencesInfo, _WikiTranslation
Supported languages: Total of 9 languages: de, en, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv, zh. Current language: 'en'
Supported themes: Total of 13 themes: blog, Crao, default, Hawaiian, MacOSX, MonoBook, Portland, shamino_com, Sidebar, smaller, SpaceWiki, wikilens, Wordpress. Current theme: 'Crao'

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